We all have heard a million times how important education is, sometimes we equate education with college, but it begins way before college. Education actually begins when the new baby is brought home. The mind of a small child is incredible, capable of more than we can even realize!

While education begins in the home, it is imperative that all children receive the best education possible. Therefore anyone with school age children should do their homework on schools & school districts before they fall in love with an apartment because it may have a beautiful pool.

Many parents with school age children understand the importance that schools will have on their children. Understandably, first time parents with 3 or 4 year olds may not even consider the schools since their children are not of school age yet, then they find out about pre-k, or perhaps they decide they want to renew their lease next year...and now the schools DO matter.

So, before you decide what kind of a pool you want, before you decide that you only want a short commute to work, you need to do YOUR home work on the schools, your children will thank you forever!

We are not here to make school recommendations, everyone is different, with different wants and needs. We strongly encourage those with school age, or soon to be school age children, to do their own research so they can make the best choice for their family.
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